Ariana Grande: a reflection on life and love on the occasion of the anniversary of “Thank U, Next”


4 November 2019

If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, you know how the hit “Thank U, Next,“it is extremely personal, with the text that mentions the name of her former and with the video in which he recreated some of his favorite movies.

For the artist, the song was a sort of catharsis, in which he closed the chapter of past loves, and opened one completely dedicated to the love for herself.

Now that a year has passed since the release of the song, the 26-year-old has reflected on what has changed from then to now: “Happy birthday, ‘Thank U, Next’ – wrote on Twitter – I can’t believe I spent more time alone this year than I have done in my entire life, I can not believe how many sessions with my therapist has been, how many times she’s sung this song, what I’ve learned and how much is healedand I still have much to learn and heal“.

Ariana Grande has then wanted to thank those who always supportedin the other, and in the netherlands: “It has been a productive year, emotional, wild and happy! Thanks to my fans who have given me endless strength, energy and inspiration… and to my friends who have supported me on tour and at home. I’m sure they are exhausted“.

Then a thought about love, in which has specified that it takes his animals to be happy: “Update: I still don’t know anything about love and I didn’t understand how both the private life part to be with my puppies, and my little pig. What I have learned, is more than enough!“.

And finally, as it has done in the past, here’s a message really wise about how to face the adversities of life: “I am not sure why this anniversary has given me open so much, but… my heart feels good. Even if everything is still in the air, even if I still have a million questions… I have accepted this thing and somehow, I feel complete. I think that is something that is worth sharing“.

“Thank U, Next” had been inspired by episodes in the love life of Ariana Grande: at the beginning of 2018, you and Mac Miller they had ended their relationship lasted for two years. The singer was then placed with Pete Davidson and it was taken even a marriage proposal.

But following the untimely death of Miller in September 2018, Ariana had left the comic, and by then he had decided to focus on herself.

Press play to review the video of “Thank U, “Next”:

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