At first, the motherboard with the B550 chipset and shows off (Updated)


amd-x570It is already a lot of speculation about the imminent Start of the plates, with the B550 chipset. As of the date of the start of Computex, at the start of June, and it has always been, but the dates are earlier, for example, after the Chinese new year, I was in the room. So far, there has been little to say in the Concrete, but now we have the first picture of the main board, which is to use the B550 chipset.

The image was posted to Videocardz, and it shows a mother board in the country, rather than from an unknown manufacturer in Soyo – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxsun, this might have heard of one or the other, maybe at a time. In any case, all companies or Brands, to focus on the Chinese market, and in this country it is not available.

However, that does not seem to do this, because so far we only know that the alleged technical specifications of the B550 chipset, which is different from that of the OEM market represented B550A-a set of chips for a true beginner. Other than this, the B550 chipset is supposed to be fully PCI-Express 4.0 is compatible with, and if it is compatible, provide. The plates with the B550A chipset that provides a PCI-Express-4.0-chipset, the board, however, it is only by Ryzen processor. The connection between the chipset and the processor is still PCI-Express 3.0. The B550 chipset, the connection is through the PCI-Express 4.0, and it may offer a faster Track, for example, NVMe SSDs.

In general, the B550 chipset and places it on the platform, on a level with the X570 chipset, but only on the more expensive motherboards, so it can be used.

AMD makes the X570 chipset of their own. It is the same as that of the I/O, such as in the case of Ryzen processors from the 3000 series. Originally it was probably thought that, like the previous chipset and ASMedia come in as a producer for the course. On the other hand, the development and the manufacture of it could not be completed until the Start of the machine. The B550 chipset is supposed to be a development of the ASMedia each other.

In the image in order to detect the motherboard and is not yet fully completed. Thus, it is the chipset and VRM’s are having more cold weather. It is equipped with two x16 slots and one x1 slot. You recognize, as well as a M. 2 connector, four SATA, and a lot more Ports on the I/O panel, which would include, apparently, also a VGA port. In the two DIMM-slots for memory modules in Dual-Channel and space available for the operation.

The launch of the most inexpensive as well as PCIe 4.0-is going to fall to the cards, remains to be unknown. The sudden surge in Greenhouse gas emissions’, which are likely to play a role as well.


From a Chinese source to a new table that compares the features of the chipset are all different from each other comes from.

The table below shows the councils with the B550 chipset PCI Express 4.0 graphics card, plug-in, provide space for, and a link to an NVMe SSD. The connection between the chipset and the processor is done, apparently, but about PCI Express 3.0 and with this you can use the other PCI-Express Lanes, which are provided by the chipset.