Blanca Suárez teaches this in a bikini and puts Spain upside down!


12 of march 2020
(09:00 CET)

After the end of the shooting of The girls of the cable and his latest film, starring alongside his current partner, Javier ReyBlanca Suarez needed to take a break. The madrid is one of the actresses most in demand of the moment and his agenda is full of professional commitments. But sometimes you need to make a stop on the way. The young man traveled a few days to Thailand. His followers are worried about her because at that time it was danger zone by the coronavirus, however this bacteria is already in all the european territory, even in Spain.

But both his followers as Blanca Suárez forgot about it for a long time and very distressing. In full adventure, asian, Suarez suffered a panic attack without expecting it. Like any tourist are not came up with another thing to climb on to the tallest building, of 714 meters of height, despite suffering from dizziness, to immortalize the moment. The floor was glass and you could see the whole city at your feet as if you were flying.

“We climbed to the highest tower of Thailand and I decided to step on a walkway of glass. An idea very chuli in my head, but… I stayed there sentadita with legs trembling trying, decently, to make me normal’‘, start counting White through various snapshots of the moment. And added: “They had to come get me, because he was unable to take a step to nowhere. Moral: do Not go cool”explains fun after the shock. “Then I made this video to compensate and make like nothing had happened”, narrated by showing the spectacular pictures of the site.

blanca suárez in the tallest building of ThailandIn this heavenly trip Blanca Suárez has left all his followers with the mouth open. The actress has surprised us with exceptional places, almost dreamlike, as this infinity pool with stunning views of the sea. “Floating”, he wrote while he remained motionless in the water with a bikini of black color.