Brand new Smartwatch-with the Wear and tear of the operating system, and more


Montblanc has presented to the Summit on a 2+ with a brand new Smartwatch-with the Wear and tear of the operating system. In comparison to the already available models in the range-the Summit 2 you have made the Design a little bit, though, for the first time ever, LTE (an eSIM) is now on the Board. As the heart of the success of the Summit, the 2+, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear on the 3100 is used.

According to the manufacturer, the Summit, the 2+ comes with a charging of the battery throughout the day. The straps of the Smartwatch is of course ever-changing. Available for the Wearable will be available in the colours Black, steel and pink Gold. As for more technical data 1 GByte of RAM, and 8 Gb of flash memory, and the interfaces of the Bluetooth 4.2, Wi is committed-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and GPS. The battery-440 mAh battery, it is specified.

The Montblanc Summit, 2 x uses an AMOLED Display with a 1.28-inch display on the diagonal. On your Smartwatch, you can also pay with Google, you Pay in the shops. In the United States, it is used for LTE and the Rest of at & t as a Partner. Who could step in, in our area, it is still an open question. Also, any phone calls with a Smartwatch is possible, given the fact that the built-in speaker and microphone are built-in directly. In the wrist, you can measure the Wearable on the Sensor as well.

Montblanc do you want to start with a Design and processing Summit, a 2+ is, however, that pay well. In the US, with prices starting in the 1 170 bucks for the LTE Version – the equivalent of about 1.035, -€. There seems to be a Downgrade in comparison to the Top 2: they are protected from the water, it is only in the case that the IPx8 at the Summit 2 is water-resistant up to 5 ATM.

Do you have Montblanc Summit, the 2+ in interest? Or waiting for the other to Wear and THE Smartwatches with the eSIM / LTE, which is a little bit cheaper?