BTS: So looks the house of the Bangtan Boys it Is super luxurious!


BTS inhabits a luxurious residence call ‘The Hills’in Hannam, being a exclusive departments which highlighted the security with which they live the Bangtan Boysbesides having a spectacular view of the Han river, the site takes for a long the admiration of the ARMY with their idols.

In 2013 the exclusive departments ‘The Hills’ won the architecture award of Seoul, since the famous residents and the boys of BTS commented that the site is as comfortable to live in, above all, maintains a clean internal and external with the utmost beauty to be the perfect place for the idols of the K-Pop.

RM, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and V would be sharing the neighborhood with important politicians from Seoul, as something that stood out in this residence is the proven safety of the area, and even though they are not located inside of the capital of South Korea, is really close to her.

So looks like the house of BTS

According to the information of Nation Rex, the luxurious home of the Bangtan Boys cost about $6.53 billion dollars, each of the idols has his own room with the exception of Jimin and J-Hope, because according to several fans say that they share the room since its debut in 2013.

In regards to the size of the bedrooms, BTS are believed to have an approximate of 3 thousand square feet for each site, being more comfortable for the idols, as on several occasions revealed that they intend to remain together during their journey as a boyband.

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In this video we show a tour of the residence of BTS: