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Publisher Activision has finally let the cat out of the bag, and a Call of Duty Game with an official Trailer has been announced.

  • The Call of Duty video Game has a Trailer and a Release date
  • On the Sion, with an official announcement on all channels
  • The Call of Duty video Game is a Stand-Alone and Free-to-Play

Hamburg, And all of a sudden, it goes faster than you think. New now you have a new The Battle Royale Mode for Call of Duty: black the developer has announced. The suspect, the means, the name of the Game. However, Battle Royale is not a part of the Call of Duty-Modern Warfarebut it is a stand-alone mode, and The Free-to-Play on all platforms(PC, Xbox One, PS4).

Call-of-Duty-Game – Release Trailer and date for Free-to-Play the Battle Royale mode in ‘ Call of Duty: black

In the same breath, there is also a first The Trailer of the Call of Duty video Game Release date. As I suspected, the lies Release on the morning of the 10.03.2020 on all platforms. ItCall of Duty-Modern Warfare it already has, can you play tomorrow from 16 h, and for all the others to get to it from the 19th to watch The Call of Duty video Game to play totally free of charge.

The special feature of the The Battle Royale Mode the Call of Duty: black it is the right size, because it is on the map, 150 players will decide on all the little jokes, the combat is all about, as the last of the game. However, in order to The Call of Duty video Game and Call of Duty-Modern Warfare to be connected to each other, so that, for example, he is free of the weapons in both Games, they can be used.

In a Call of Duty Game of 150 Players to compete against each other.

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Original News:

Call-of-Duty-Game-is-the Battle Royale The breakdown of Call of Duty-Modern Warfare. For several months now, from the hints and Leaks of the data have appeared in the collection, and it has become increasingly clear that a new mode: Battle Royal looks like in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare. After the Recently-Gameplay-images-of-leaked-was the question of whether the Game is going to show up, but only when you want.

Call-of-Duty-Game: Countdown timer in the Modern Warfare-Tuesday, 10.3.2020 it says 17:00 CET.

After New and Infinity Ward the time of Silence had rolled in and there hasn’t been any official Statement about the Release of a Call of Duty Game, it appeared with a Countdown timer in the Modern Warfare, the The Date Of Release in the On Tuesday, 10.3.2020 at 17:00 CET. collections.

As you can see from the Twitter Account of the Game, it brings back some great information. A short-more than a thousand words, and Waving at other times.

So, in the Hopes of the Fans of the Call of Duty video Game has finally come to an end and the new one so it can be played live.

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