Cardi B expresses its concern over the coronavirus: “I’m scared”


Cardi B it is far from maintaining the calm after the who has declared the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic global.

Through its account of Instagram, has expressed his concern for the virus in two videos that goes to the government and in speaking of the measures it is taking to protect yourself.

In the first, we see the rapper of 27 years with a dress of the rack and turning to his followers, almost screaming. “Government, let me tell you something, I don’t know that it is this coronavirus. I don’t understand how something Wuhan, China, now, suddenly it is tour. I’m a little scared. I panicked,” he said before warning that this is not a joke and that is a real problem.

To finish off the publication, the new yorker has written in the description of the video: “Yes, keep playing. I’m scared to death. I am serving food”.

But far from leaving him there, Cardi B has released a new video on their social networks that says that you know that the virus is actually a real problem because the market has begun to fall. “Once the stock market starts to go down, this is how I know that things are real because there is nothing that the corporations white hate more than losing money,” states the video.

In fact, in the same, the actress also points out that does not rule out moving out of country, specifically the Antarctic, to protect and keep safe his family. All this while it sanitizes the hands.

The famous rapper is not the only celebrity who has left to know their opinion on the social networks about the topic.

Just a few days ago we saw Naomi Campbell protect yourself from possible infection dressed with a white monkey full body, mask, and goggles to gloves, to the time of travel by plane. By this exaggerated look, the top model was crossed out of “dramatic” and “hysterical” in the same social networks.

What will you do? Do you think that you are exaggerating the stars?