Cardi B terrified by the coronavirus wants to escape to the South Pole


According to The Blast the famous american rapper Cardi B it is literally terrified by the Coronavirus. In the Usa follow the news on the first outbreaks and the first victims who are unable to access the pads for the quotes, you are sick with viral pneumonia and died from it. Many of them had no health insurance and, despite the President Trump calls everyone to be calm, after you spread the rumor that Tom Hanks and the wife Rita Wilson positive for Coronavirus, a vip american has spread the terror, as if before that moment, thought only the poor would take the Covid-19.

Among celebrities are more afraid there is definitely Cardi B, which is releasing on his profile on Instagram of a series of Stories in which it says very alarmed of what is happening because “I don’t think about what they say in the newspapers and on tv, for me, the situation here is much more serious and if not you still could soon become“. So, what to do, since, as several times repeated, his thoughts go not only to itself, but to the daughter Kulture1 year and a half, had from her husband Offset? His imperative is to protect his family.

To stay in quarantine in a Country where “you continuous to say, despite what you see going on in Europe, that the coronavirus is only an influence, a bit more serious“for Cardi B is out of the question. So the rapper would have thought of measures much more drastic. Flee away, far away, as possible. And what’s more far ofAntarctica? Here she is, then announce it in a video on Instagram of wanting to transfer immediately in the far-away continent with his entire family, given that there is only one case of the Coronavirus, while the Who has proclaimed the pandemic.

Who among its millions of followers makes note that it is a continent with a population of only 1106 inhabitants, in large part, scientists of the many bases of the scientific research that there have a seat and that the average temperature is -25° , Cardi B responds that it is ready to everything to be safe and that nothing scares you, even if, as discovered by the research, in the summer there will be at least 5000 inhabitants, thanks to the tourism. “As I don’t want to be anyone, they are all potential transparency“says the rapper, who excludes from the category itself and its family, “without considering – the note –that all your family may be asymptomatic or star incubating the infection. You want to bring to you the virus in a place so beautiful? But she remains in quarantine in your loft, luxury, and think of those who can not afford to pay even the medical bills“.

But the Cardi B little matter of these considerations. For her, the important thing is that “flights to go and come from the Usa are insured and that there is the internet“. The rest will think of you, from supplies to how to pass the time at the South Pole. “I can’t wait to see the penguins at Kulture!“. Probably will stay for several months in one of the many luxury hotels in the area, from the Marriott to the Hilton, to name two of the many existing, because, in dfferenza of what you believe, the South Pole is full of resort tours and amazing holiday homes built in the ice, and full of every comfort. Here, the rapper seems to mean, according to The Blast, pass the time, devoting himself to music, writing and composing, and his family.

In the meantime, the social split in two. If there is anyone who understands her “choice to escape away and to secure his family“before “plague of the coronavirus outbreak in the Usa“there are people who the accusation openly to be only a “rich str***that bangs in the face to the people the fact that you can save himself thanks to his money“going even “cloistered in a resort in the South Pole while the people without health care continues to die“. And there is the person who invites you, if you really want to leave, to do before charity, “buying masks to distribute to the homeless and the poor. Would be a nice gesture on your part“.

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