Carelessness can cost a player $ 5,000 and a 16 year old to work


Lost In EVE Online, a ship is a sad one, but cruel is that, if this is a ship, and carried away goods to the value of $ 5,000.

A player by the name of Lactose Intolerance, now you have bigger problems than an intolerance of dairy products. His ship was attacked and he was a real treasureit is now lost.

In EVE Online, players are waiting, often for the truck routes, and seeking more rewarding than the sack of the attack. It is for this reason that it is also dangerous to drive a large quantity of merchandise through your area without the protection of a sophisticated. Pilot Lactose Intelorant it was a Killer whale, and on the road, a large cargo ship, the The attack of the 17 other pilots not in the supernatant.

According to a report from the battlefield much of the Lactose is lost in the Bigotry of 150 million ISK ($1,500). But as long as it is any number of plants for the Manufacturing of ships and components, and which have not been covered by the zkillboard right, he had to go to the players on the Forum and Reddit in excess of 500 million ISK (us$5,000) from the.

Why this precious cargo from Lactose intolerance should to be narrow-minded to take over an entity which is dedicated and quick to ship. The rest of your EVE on-line company, Among the Shadows, in the meantime, he tried to, the areas of some of the nasty rumors to a halt: the Rider has been picked to be Lactose Intolerant as an inexperienced player, what would you buy anything with real money, and that, therefore, the mistake committed.

In fact, it is the a Veteran who plays since the age of 16 years (since its Release), EVE Online it is, however, described as an elderly man, of that there is something to be stubborn and do things the way he believes them to be accurate. Also, if you don’t you are always right. This law has cost him almost everything that he has gained over the last 16 years. On Reddit, it must be noted that such an experienced player should have known better.

In the final part of this story is, unfortunately, a bit more sad than the loss of the commodity. According to a Post from the EVE Online heads, Lactose Intolerance, has left the company, and you will probably want to quit EVE Online.

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You lose your job as 16 years old, the wounded, of course. When you’ve made a game, a stupid mistake that has cost you a lot of time and effort? Please let us know in the comments.