CD Projekt wants to make Cyberpunk 2077 The Witcher 4 •


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It is no surprise, really, and it indicates that for the first Time, but the design of the CD’s President, Adam Kiciński, has as far as we know, the rst Time when the development of the next part of the Witcher Saga is about to begin.

In fact, the work is to be started immediately following the completion than Cyberpunk 2077. It is clear from the message of the Polish business magazine from Stooq to, the first, it was discovered.

And Google translate is making me a little down, but it’s broken in translated the quotes show that the concept has been developed and is in its development. In order to be immediately following the completion of the current project was started.

The design of the CD, we’ve established the two worlds, the Witcher, and Cyberpunk, only one of the plans of the certificates. All of the games scheduled to be The Witcher or Cyberpunk title, ” said the Manager of the settlement agreement. With a new CD, it is not, therefore, be expected. The next game is not going to tell you what The Witcher 4, which is in line with the previous report. The first three of those games they showed at the conclusion of a trilogy.

If it fits in with the Reports that CD Projekt, and Andrzej Sapkowski has hinted in December that he had agreed to increased co-operation. That was not happening according to the previous fights, amazing, and safe for you. It is likely that you are searching for, for the next edition of the support, or at least at peace with the creator of The Witcher universe.