Cristina Pedroche takes it all (and what you see in the mirror is the bomb)


12 of march 2020
(11:12 CET)

Cristina Pedroche not to. Literally. As you well know, the followers of the Vallecas, Cristina and David form a couple that, when they are not working, squeeze your free time all they can. Considering that they have the two an agenda rather than a tight, travel and getaways are common.

At the end of last week marched to the slopes of ski of the pyrenees aragonese, where, as we were able to see thanks to the Instagram of Cristina, Pedroche tried for the first time in his life that is skiing. And she loved it.

Yes, once past the weekend, has become the routine. And if there is something that is already part of the day-to-day partner Zapeando it is the gym. Unlike earlier times, now Pedroche has in the physical activity a habit almost daily.

The picture of Cristina Pedroche

Even when you have the rule. She has made it known in a photo in which we see her in the gym and in the comments “Pedroche reglosa training”. However, while some have returned to criticize Cristina by “aerate every time you may have the rule” the vast majority of comments have come to see it without a single drop of makeup.

Cristina Pedroche

Something that is not exactly very common taking into account that, as many of his followers commented, “Pedroche is always going great”. But that naturalness, that pose without makeup in the gym is one of the reasons for which the woman Muñoz has so many followers.

In fact, the positive comments have not been slow in coming. “I love that you photograph well”, “Ole you, with the rule and without makeup and you’re still beautiful,” “How great is this woman”, “Brutal” or “best of all is that it is a girl super natural” are some of them.