Deutsche Telekom customers can make use of Disney points+ 6 months free


24. March 2020 the releases of Disney’s+ in Germany, too. We have presented to you already have a list of all the movies and TV shows online. In addition to this, there is an “early bird,” in which you pay for in the first year, it’s only 59.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros). If you are Telekom customer, there is even better news.

  • For Telecom customers: Disney, plus 6 months free (offered)

The deutsche Telekom is to launch the Streaming service the exclusive distribution partner and Disney, plus 6 months free of charge. All of the Magenta furniture, Magenta, and MagentaTV customers are Disney, plus 6 months at no extra cost. Then, in Telecom, you can hold it the number of contract customers with an attractive price and with the added benefit of paying by the month, for only 5 € instead of 6,99€. The offer is one month ahead of schedule.

Dirk Wössner, the Board of management of the business in Germany, the German Telekom:

With Disney’s announcement for the live Streaming business, it has become clear to us that we need to do to make this the perfect solution for our customers. Who doesn’t remember such classics as “The jungle book”, “snow white”, or the latest Blockbuster like “the Avengers: Endgame” and “Star Wars.” Disney said the book’s stories for All of them.

Jan Koeppen, President Of the Walt Disney Company, EMEA:

With Disney and a+, we are moving into a new Era of Innovation and creativity at Disney, and create a unique experience for the Fans. With Deutsche Telekom as our partner for the distribution of Disney on Germany, we now have millions of customers from the Telecommunications, it can provide different ways through which you can our TV shows and movies you can try out.

The Integration of Disney and a+ takes you to deutsche Telekom for a short time, but you can use it until then, Disney+ App to your Smartphone, Tablet, or Smart TV.