“Does Antonio David Flores knows this?”


Antonio David and Rocío Flores

March 11, 2020
(15:50 CET)

It is more than obvious that each and every one of the contestants who accept to enter in a contest or a reality show of the television, especially if it is a program of Telecincoknow that, while they are participating in, outside their lives and their intimacy will come to light.

And that is what has happened to him now Dew Flowers, the daughter of Antonio David. A Dew that, of a time up here, has begun to live the world of television in a way very intense.

And what better way to make a name in the chain of Paolo Vasile that becoming one of the contestants Survivorsone of the realitys, next to Big Brotherthat more hearing harvest and of the most talked about in the string.

Ana Maria Aldón and Dew Flowers

The mess with Spray Flowers

A reality in which, as in the great majority, the contestants live outside the outside. And more if, as in this case, you are in a deserted island in Honduras. The case is that the protagonist of the mess is the boyfriend of Flowers, Manuel Bledmar.

The daughter of Antonio David has always explained that their relationship is strong and idyllic, but now there has been another program The panic room which has put it in doubt.

And is that a confidant of the program has been pointed out that the couple of Dew might have been unfaithful. A lover who has given her version in the program: “Ask Me for my Instagram, I gave him my Instagram, and we started talking out there, and all very well, I knew I had a girlfriend but did not know who was his girlfriend”.

And continues: “We started talking, all superbién, he spoke to me all day, we even video calls, very well. We get two times”to end up with a “There was kissing, but nothing more, just kissing”.

Some statements have caused in the networks, more than one will ask: “whatAntonio David Flores knows this?” Surely, yes. That, at least in theory, knows nothing, is his daughter.