E3 2020 // the Editor to respond to the cancellation



Now, this has happened to you, what many have feared: The 3 in 2020 it will be this yearwe report on). However, in the interest of the organizer, the ESA, all publishers are required to fill in planned for E3 week, the game will offer, for the digital, so that the loss of prestige of the 3 can be minimized. So, it is a prompt for some of the publishers have announced that they will replace the press conference for the Digital-to-Event. The following is a Summary of all the announcements.


Up to now, no official announcement of the program was made by Nintendo, they had just confirmed their attendance at the event. Accordingly, therefore, there is no change to the plan that you want to advertise on. Nintendo of America has responded with a Statement about the incident:

[Nintendo] it supports the decision-making of the SEC, so don’t leave it at E3 this year, and the health and safety of the industry, compromise, the representatives, including our Fans, our employees, our vendors, and we have a great deal to the E3 partners.

We’re going to continue to be flexible, and you’ll annoy your Fans and to inform you about our activities and products or through any other means. By the outbreak of the COVID-19, major industry events, unrealitsisch in the near future. We are working on new ways to inform their Fans and will announce more over the course of the year.

For many years, the original exudes a Nintendo Direct presentation at E3, in a digital format, and you can change anything. In the past, the original also, it has been proven many times that of the Nintendo Treehouse Sessions can also be of its own, Nintendo of America’s headquarters are in the transmission. If you are going to do that, as in previous years, up to now, however, it is still wide open.

Microsoft – Xbox

Microsoft has been known to be a great game in about two hours, the in-progress media event for the show. But, of course, the Xbox has been prepared with a Team for the purpose of cancellation of the exhibition, the chief of the division of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced at almost the same time, for the purpose of cancellation, we will celebrate the Xbox one’s Digital Event. Details of the time, and over the next few weeks.


Publisher electronic arts has been in the air over the last few years, it has also its own press conference before the start of the show. Ubisoft is pleased with the decision from the european space AGENCY, and is also of the opinion that the health of the participants, this was the most important thing. But the Fans don’t want to let you down. Therefore, to look upon the possibilities of a digital display.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

You may ask yourself why this Publisher is on the list, but according to Kotaku, the Publisher has planned for a Debut at the fair with its own press conference at E3. They had planned a few major titles, such as Batman, a new game from the Harry Potter series or a new game in the Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios for this. Upon cancellation, the Publisher does not respond, and, finally, you have to release never-before-officially-to the Fans. Therefore, it is still open whether there will be a Digital Event, such as a stand-in.

Electronic Arts

For a number of years, AND it is not a part of the E3, but a few days before E3, AND the PLAY takes place in the Los Angeles area. Up to now, it has not yet been announced, the show will also fail. But, as a result of the cancellation of E3, much less the representatives of the media are going to travel to the United States, and it is hoped that this event will be deleted. Up to now, there have been no announcements, but we’re going to tell us, in the future, any changes to the plan.

PC games to Show you

In addition to this, the issue of PC Gamer reacts as a meeting organizer, the PC Games of the Show about the cancellation, and to announce the search for Alternatives to the press conference. He is of the opinion that the PC is a very important platform for video games, and there’s a lot to discuss, and, therefore, any amount of it. We will announce those options in the next few weeks.

Devolver Digital

The Publisher Devolver Digital, it was a Big Fancy Press Conference, is already digital, on the go, and it’s not going to change anything for this year. We are still shocked by this announcement, and to see the E3 as an event is important. In the press conference, or give a Direct and even a bit more is being broadcast as agreed.

Limited To A Run Of Games

How do I Return a Digital is also Limited to the Running Game from the spread in the past, your press releases, digital a ready-made Form, which is the reason why you don’t see the need to take action. “The Show must go on,” said the Editor, and you don’t have any plans to change the program in display mode.

In the following, the publishers haven’t responded yet

No response to the cancellation of E3, the organizer of the press conference, Square Enix and Bethesda did. We will certainly announce it here, too, in the future, and how to move forward. Even if Sony was in any way planned to be present at the fair, there was also a PlayStation, and no official Statement about the cancellation.

Source: GameSpot, Polygon, Twitter (Phil Spencer) (Bandai namco games) (Devolver Digital) (Limited to rungames), Kotaku, PC Gamer – news image: © ESA