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For customers, the Sky’s the Ticket, that is the Streaming service from Sky, is to be governed by the new rules. The new rules, which above all others: flexibility. It is now in the Sky-Ticket to the user can be logged in as few as five devices to the service, but also on a monthly basis for up to five registered devices to the switch. This is especially useful if you use, for example, in a family with multiple TVs, laptops and smart phones, and I would like to move to a new Account of the Heaven-free Ticket.

Sky-Ticket to the management of the device through the App

Up to now, the number of usable devices is limited to four. And on the return it is allowed for in the Sky, and only once in a month, in a single device. The list of devices, you can use the Internet at any time through the client area on the website of the Heaven, and in Heaven, a Ticket from the App by going to “My Account” to manage.

Available on Sky, the Ticket is only available on Windows-based computers and macs, but also iPhones and Android Smartphones. In addition to this, the PlayStation 4, Xbox, ipod, iphone, Apple TV and many Smart TVs from Samsung and LG. Also, if you are using Google’s Chromecast or Sky-card-TV-Stick (to Test), you will have access to content from Sky Tickets.

The sky card is now available on Full HD

Last Heaven-the Ticket is made by a new attention to it. In February, it is possible to use the same content on linear TV channels and on-demand, in the Sky, a Ticket to a better quality of the image. On most platforms you can the TV-shows, movies, and Live sports ever since, in Full-HD quality (1080p) for you to use. The platforms, where the HD Stream is not currently possible to get an Update in the next few months.

The door to the world of the Sky, the Ticket prices are starting from £ 9.99 per month. To ensure that this is the price you have, for example, all of the sports Tickets you selected Highlights from a sport or the theatre, or a Cinema Ticket, where you can also get the latest tv shows and movies in the cinema. The full programme for sports, it’s about the Supersport time of the day or of the year, ticket prices starting from 19.99 Euro per month. And, in the year of the entry into a monthly contract, so in the long run.

Sky Q users to get a brand new management device.

Do you use the Sky in a classic, a Pay-TV subscription, and ask yourself why you can be the new features that will not benefit? There is a lot to do. But, for you, in the Sky, you have some good news in the bag. Because if you’re using either a Sky, or a Sky-Q, the Receiver you can use to improve the management of the device, in the course of the next couple of weeks as well. Just as it is not yet clear, but to Go to the Sky, and the Sky Q App or the Sky-Flat, it is possible to register up to five devices per month, and up to five changes to the device.

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