For 6 months, free of charge for deutsche Telekom customers ”


At the Beginning of the Video for Streaming on the Disney and a+ 24. In March, Deutsche Telekom will be the exclusive sales partner in Germany, and all of the customers with fixed-line, broadband, and mobile tariffs, a special rate.

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All of the Magenta furniture, Magenta, and MagentaTV guests will receive Disney’s+ a full six months at no extra cost. Then, in Telecom, you can protect yourself and the clients for the contract price, exclusive, and with the advantage of numbers, instead of the Default ones for the price of just 5 Euros per month. The offer is one month ahead of schedule.

Until the full Integration of the Disney+ App on the recipient of the Deutsche Telekom, deutsche Telekom might consider a Disney+ App on your Tablet, Smartphone as well as on your SmartTV via the MagentaTV Stick to it.

Disney+ within deutsche Telekom: The vertices are

  • You can stream to 4 different programs on 4 different devices at the same time.
  • Unlimited Downloads on up to 10 devices.
  • A deutsche Telekom fixed-term contract, you will receive Disney’s plus 6 months at no extra cost.
  • After the first 6 months, Disney and a+ for deutsche Telekom customers with a long-term agreement for as low as $ 5 per month instead of 6,99 €.
  • You can be close to Disney with us for a month.
  • The offer is available at the time of booking, deutsche Telekom, Disney+ the Option is valid until the 19th. May 2020

Dirk Wössner, Chairman of the German business Deutsche Telekom, said:

With Disney’s announcement for the live Streaming business, it has become clear to us that we need to do to make this the perfect solution for our customers. Who doesn’t remember such classics as “The jungle book”, “snow white”, or the latest Blockbuster like “the Avengers: Endgame” and “Star Wars.” Disney said the book’s stories for All of them.

The regular price for the Release of Disney’s+ it will be 6.99 euros per month, or $ 69.99 per year.