For about 100 euro’s cheaper: Chromebooks on Amazon gift of the day


Rene Resch

In the Amazon, as of today, there are a few Chromebooks, and Convertibles, the company is Acer and the prices are very low for the day.

The shipping giant, Amazon, are some Chromebooks with the Acer at greatly reduced prices in our today’s deal of the day” are now available. Is the Chromebook a good bargain, there are conventional laptops as well as Convertibles.

And it is, in fact, the prices are very good, and portrays the point of view of

PC WORLD has a comparison of the prices.
The cost

Acer’s Spin-Off Of 311

The Amazon offer of the day

199 Euros

the next least expensive provider, on the

Compare prices
the model is sold

from 244,90 the Euro.

The Acer Chromebook Is R-13

a real value is a relief. In the case of the Amazon, in the R-13’s of today

299 €

sold, other supplier prices

from 417 €
Savings: From 118 Euros)!

Please note:

The Chromebook Offers promotions on a daily basis. If you are interested in any one of the goods presented here, you will need to visit soon.

The offerings of Amazon’s action, we have compiled for you here:

The Acer Chromebook Is The Spin Of The 311

11.6-inch HD, IPS, Convertible top, 20 mm thick, long-lasting battery life, the Wi-Fi of the Chrome OS

for 199, instead of 379 euros

The Acer Chromebook Is 314

14-inch HD laptop,19,to 7 mm, and a long service life of the battery, the Wi-Fi of the Chrome OS

to 222 instead of 329 €

The Acer Chromebook Is R-13

13.3-inch Full HD IPS Touchscreen Convertible top, 15.5 inch, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Chrome OS

for 299, instead of 429 Eur

Advantages, of Chromebooks.

Devices that operate on the operating system, Chrome OS, from Google, has a reputation for being easy, fast and secure. This is mostly due to the fact that the Google operating system, Chrome OS is much more efficient than, for example, the Windows operating system. For a more complicated installation process of the Chrome OS in the past, you can do it easily with Google account, and then use it for all of the most popular Apps you already know from your smart phone. Also to reset it to the factory condition, with the Chrome of a window. In addition, the Chrome operating system is the Online or Offline mode.

The electronics retailer media Markt also offers a wide range of Devices in different price segments. Including, also, a price of the courses on offer. Some of the Highlights of the Cloud-the-line at the best buy, you can find it here:

The Chromebook Offers.

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