For more Details about the Smartphone-car-in-chief


Huawei his P40-series, will on the 26. In march of the year 2020 to imagine. The focus of the course is to tell a lie on camera. Currently, Huawei has been disturbed, such as in the case of the DXO Mark of the first places is occupied by the Oppo Find X2 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi-10 And the Pro. If you do, then, with the P40, or is likely to give the P40 Pro to take back the throne?

Now, there are a couple of new information on the upcoming devices. On the P40 the use of the second Generation of the periscope camera. The result should be a better optical Zoom, as well as building up a Hybrid of the Zoom. Rumor has it, that the Huawei’s most likely going to go through ten times that of the Hybrid-out of the P30 with the addition.

The heart of the Huawei P40 Series is going to serve, 990 5, and it is one of a wave of better AI capabilities. What are we going to see Huawei in there in plain text, but it is still an open question. In addition to this, Huawei will continue to use their on-RYYB-Screen, and this is a custom, the custom camera sensor (Sony IMX700) of the work.

It will also offer new Design options, new materials are likely to be the best choice for you. I hope it’s not because you say it again, the leather vegan,” and, perhaps, a little bit of cleverness he won the globe. So, the rumors of a ceramic, in turn, interweave with each other, Yes. This also means that the camera’s hill, the round will be at the back of the flat and a very lush look and feel. They can also be used for a display screen, a Curved Design on the side, which is not subject to appeal to everyone, but personally, I consider myself to be quite the opponent.

At the official presentation of the Huawei’s P40 P40 According to the manufacturer, it is likely that your AppGallery in order to return to the center. Because the one thing that is clear is that the P40 P40’s and Pro’s will have to do without the services of Google, unfortunately. Let’s see how the customers in the Europe, Germany is going to react. What we do know, is the latest in the 26.03.2020, because in that time, the Chinese are going to introduce a new Smartphone, the cars-in-chief, with the problem.