Galaxy Double deception: the Tech-YouTuber reveals three of the most dizzy


Since a few months ago, on the cheap, fold-up mobile phones of the brand, Escobar made headlines in the grid. Samsung quality at a fraction of the price of a Galaxy to Bend it so it sounds a lot more appealing. A Tech YouTuber, has now revealed the real truth behind in the with the defeat of the Fold 2. Buyers of the smartphone will be receiving the device, most likely, never.

The one with the defeat of the Fold 2, is a Smartphone that sees the Samsung Galaxy, the Bending of a similar nature. Only the flashy gold paint, velvet, elegant Logo, there appear to be differences in the with the defeat of the phone and the Galaxy model. The Truth: With The Defeat Of The Bend Of 2 it is a Samsung Galaxy tab and Fold it with a piece of gold on the case. That does not strike you immediately, with more than 2,000 Euros expensive, the Galaxy doubled to a little less than 350 euros? The issue, of course, a cliff-hanger.

The creators behind with the defeat of the they are scam artists. Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has revealed a scam in a recent Online Video entitled “the real truth behind in the with the defeat of the Fold to 2″. In it, he said that he had already been commissioned in the past year, with the first Release of the fold on Smartphones, which was, however, never got to it. The second Version of the YouTuber, out of curiosity, ” she commanded again, this time with a different name – no success. That is, the Escobar-to create videos for three of the fraud, it was quickly clear. Brownlee received at the end of January, however, out of the blue, a package of their so-called manufacturer, with an apology, and an “Upgrade” of the first order, from the first, with the defeat of the-Falthandy is no longer available.

In addition to Brownlee and many, many other Youtubers, including that of George Lewis Hilsenteger of “Unbox Therapy”, and the Gold of the folding mobile phone is received. Especially bitter: The YouTube Channel, Unobox Therapy has 16.3 million subscribers, an estimated three million people attended with the defeat of the Video of well-known YouTubers, and they were wrong. Because you are, in fact, a lot of experienced Tech’s Reviewer did not, and found the back of detected fraud are excited with statements like, “The thing is, in the story”, the advertising, the drum, the mobile e-mail.

The only Marques Brownlee of the most frequently asked questions. He shows in his Video, which is below the surface of the sheet-of-thumb: the Logo of the brand. And it quickly became clear to him: Only the Tech-Influence on it should get a fake phone in order to advise other people excited to buy it. Paid orders are shipped ever. Now, you can put it in the with the defeat of the Fold 2 on the website of the company is deceptive and fraudulent in the online shopping cart. How many of the people in the with the defeat of the Coup collapsed, and the $ 399 is lost, it is still not clear.