Gloria Camila removes her clothes in the TOILET. Look at the photo! And has hours


Gloria Camila EFE

March 11, 2020
(15:10 CET)

There are many celebrities and instagramers who know very well that there is a kind of publications that tend to end up having a lot more impact on the networks than others. Big names in networks like Cristina Pedroche, Paula Echevarria or Pillar Rubio what they have proven on many occasions.

But eye, because that pattern is also repeated in celebrities that, at least for the moment, doesn’t have the impact they do have them. And the case of Gloria Camila is a very good example of this.

And is the daughter of José Ortega Cano it has accustomed to its followers of Instagram to a series of publications that often go unnoticed. As is well known by those who follow it for a long time, the collaborator of Telecinco has been found in the WC your house the perfect spot to take selfies, as we can see below, they do not make another thing that petarlo in terms of the climbs.

The photo of Gloria Camila

And is that Gloria Camila feels more than proud of her figure and her curves. And of course, taking into account that the summer is getting closer, it seems evident that the partner has the desire of sun and beach.

She herself acknowledges in the text that accompanies the image: “That desire I have of the arrival of summer that they lack some”. Beyond the text itself, which has generated the image count already with neither more nor less than 66.000 likes in just a day is the fact that in it we may see it in a bikini. At least the top of it.

The comments, as was to be expected and as she knew before give you click the publish button, have not been made wait. “You’re gorgeous”, “sun”, “Stunning”, “Every day that passes you are more beautiful”, “Beauty pure and not like other who operate it all” or “Bellezón” already circulating on the networks along with an image that, once more, shows that Gloria Camila is going to star in the networks.