Google’s Android TV, the guidelines forbid manufacturers, with the support of the Fire TV, SO


How do you want to learn for several with the topic of families, and to ensure that the policies of the so-called Android Compatibility a Commitment by Google to ensure that Amazon gets on the Fire TV is just too slow for the makers of Smart TVs and Set-Top boxes for the men. The manufacturer of the signal, and therefore, in the case of Google, which you can use for Android TV, and Android, and support, if you are using any other Android-based systems, especially Amazon’s Fire TV ONLY). Thus, the support for the same time, it is excluded from the Outset. A company should choose to violate any of the guidelines in the Google, you could immediately connect to its access to the Google Play Store and Google Apps on all of your devices from the manufacturer.

Google and Amazon, to consider each other as very large competitors, and has had in the last few years, and unfortunately, more often than not, in the majority of the shaking, in the end, time and time again, the buyers of the individual devices. Since Google still has the majority of the ” Smart-TV manufacturers as a Partner, then it’s most likely that Amazon is in the future, it is not easy, with the Fire TV, even though their competition in both hardware and Software in your company, under your feet. This is not only limited to the manufacturer’s belonging, we, the customers don’t have any other choice, unless, of course, is the Boycott. In the EU, Google has the money, it is because of their policies on the use of the Android operating system, with a huge fly-swatter. I wonder if Google would have had, due to the stinging accusations, again for the purpose of EU-researchers.