“Half-Life” Alyx:” What to consider when buying a VR-goggles must be


The interest in Virtual Reality has been growing over the past couple of weeks. This is mainly due to the “Half-Life: Source”, the first of the new Half-Life game since he was 12 years old. The citadel appears in the on day 23. In march, it is time to prepare for the Launch. But you have to consider when buying a headphone? c has no answers to the questions most important to you.

With the VR Headsets, is the Half-Life: Source-compatible?

The Half-Life developer Valve, has the content of a private Phone to the ear on the program of the game, but with the Consumer headset to be used with the Oculus Rift (S) in the Oculus Game, HTC Released, HTC, Live Pro, all Windows-based Mixed-Reality Headsets, such as the Acer EYE from 500 HP to the chorus, or in the Pimax in ear Headphones.

A unique, playful and relevant difference, between the Valve and the Headphone jack, and the contest to the control: The Valve is in the Index, it can detect the aspect ratio and the inclination of each of the fingers, and the other track, just with the thumb and the index finger and remaining three fingers as a group.

According to Valve, “a small number of the interactions are with the Contents of the drivers from the Citadel” it is not possible to work with other controllers, for example, the Crushing of a can. These interactions are only of a decorative accessory and they are not relevant to the game. You have to make sure that the game is to learn from others keep track of their work, he said in a press release published by the Valve corporation.

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Gameplay – – – to Helped Videos, the Life Source

(Source: Valve)

What is it with the VR-glasses are best for your APPLICATION.

The cheaper so-called Windows-based Mixed-Reality-headset (WMR), for example Samsung, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo or Medion are now. You have to time it again, from Eur 230, which is used, even for 100€. The development has come to a standstill, however, because Microsoft seems to care more for its by-products, such as the Hololens. For the hand tracking of the WMR belongs to on the present in relation to the depth of the market, in addition to this, the controllers are bulky, heavy and battery-hungry.

At the upper end of the range, the Valve of the Index is not available, but it is not only expensive (1080 euros), but it also takes a couple of outside-of-Follow-up-of-the-box, which, in practice, it can be annoying. For this reason, she is the only unit on the market for 120 Hz monitors, and controllers from a single, finger Tracking. The HTC one Cosmos, with no external Trace of the camera, it can’t work, but the higher quality of the WMR in ear Headphones.

A good compromise for the Oculus headset, Rift’s, and it is meant to represent for 450 Euro you can get a very decent, without being accompanied by the external Hardware. The Search can then be used as a stand-alone PC Headset is also fully self-supporting, completely free from PC. The clean PC-the Headset’s Rift is, in some ways, worse, as a lighter Black, no eye-distance adjustment), for some of them, but it’s also better looking. For example, she goes on, thanks to a solid track in the head, it’s so much more comfortable. Probably because of the Black-Hypes a lot of the Headphones that are presently poorly or not at all available.

For a more detailed comparison of the VR Headsets on the heise+.

For setting me on the purchase of the App from the manufacturer?

No, not the Headphones, it’s not. For each Consumer, a Headset, the Software in the Steam Store, since it requires you to open the OpenVR Standard. Any person in possession of an Oculus Headset, like the Rift, and the Game, and in addition to that, you can use the Oculus Store, which does have some exclusive titles on offer. Not the Oculus Headsets, and with it the official LibreVR (formerly Revive) the support for the Oculus Store to teach you.

There is, for the RV, except for the Half-Life: Source is really just a short game-Snacks?

That is not true, for a long period of time. There are a number of titles on the market, and the long chains. Some of the recommendations are: Asgard’s Wrath, Lonesome Echo, that No Man’s Sky in VR, the storm, the country, and to Beat the Know.

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#Heise to show you the Reality of the Virtual

I need it to, in addition to glasses with a High-End computer?

The “High-End” is, perhaps, a bit over the top, but a reasonably powerful Gaming PC, this is definitely a must. You have to look out for and that is not a very high-resolution Oculus Rift’s Framework for calculating a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, or 1280 x 1440 pixels per eye, with the stability of a 80-Frame-per-second. And, in contrast to the standard of the computer monitor, even the slightest delay in the RV very negative impact on your well-being. Most of the games run on game consoles, 30 frames per second.

In a VR FORMAT, you have to spend, therefore, only the video card that is in at least as much money as they can for a console. Currently, a card in the performance range of Nvidia video card to 1660 IT is a AMD-RX-590 is approximately the lower limit – the faster, the better. A new VR-enabled PC, one has to estimate a minimum cost of 700 Euros.

(Photo: Valve)

How much space do I need to be able to RV with them?

There’s also the VR Software, which is best used in a Seated position, however, the majority of the programs are designed for the so-called “Quarter Scale”, that is to say, You should be able to move around a little bit. The absolute Minimum is similar to your own arm span – which, of course, you don’t want to sweep up in the heat of the VR Session, by accident, is the Driver for the Monitor on the table. Such as the freedom of arises, feeling of the, it is recommended the Valve be at least 1.5 times greater than 2 metres, Oculus is 2 times 2 meters. With these recommendations, we can confirm that 2 x 2 m, and rarely do you feel that you are in need of more space.

It is a simple game-state?

It is absolutely not. Even though at first it was thought that the VR’s, especially PC’s to appeal to players has grown with the industry over the past few years in other areas, for example, in the architecture and 3D visualization), medicine, industry (product development, training, planning, and production), art, and psychology. One was very promising at the time-of-flight from the shame and death is also the Meeting point of failure.