“How fat? And oh, how!”. Rosalia is not hidden, and teaches us all that you have there!


Rosalia with a grammy

March 11, 2020
(18:48 CET)

The incursion of Rosalia in the music industry marked a before and an after for many genres, which is now seeking to reinvent itself with all kinds of mergers. And although the Catalan ensure that everything in music has already been invented, which makes it sounds completely different to the current proposals. With that thought to make the difference, the singer tries to impose their way of being, without giving effect to the bad comments to which it is exposed. One of the main points of attack has been his weight, to which he responded with a photo full of rebellion and calories.

The dietary restrictions to which are subjected the artists are growing older, all in order to be perfect before the public, but this is not the case with Rosalia.

And is that the one from San Esteban de Sasroviras has shown his fondness for milkshakes, burgers, pizzas, among other unhealthy foods. The ultimate answer for those who call it fat was with a publication where he is seen eating a cupcake of about 500 calories, giving to understand who does what he wants when he wants.

rosalia 1

rosalia 2

Between cupcakes and junk food, the number of followers does not stop.

Rosalia exceeds 10 million and counting

A year ago think of 10 million followers in Instagram for Rosy was a dream. After the revolution of their music and style recently surpassed that number and still adding daily many more. 10.2 million is to this day the exact amount.

When presented with this achievement, Ross concluded by commenting: “I Just realized that I have 10 million followers on Instagram. It is much, it is a very excessive and very indecent, because ten million is like… I don’t know, I find it hard to think about it.”

Now Rosalia expected to pass to celebrities like Úrsula Corberó (11.9 million) and Gerard Pique (18 million), respectively, to be in solitary as the Catalan higher popularity in the networks.