Huawei’s P-Smart-Pro is an exceptional device that you are coming to live in Germany


Huawei’s P-Smart-Pro is an Exception to this is on the contrary to the new top of the line machines, the manufacturer, to the middle class, the Smartphone comes with the Google Apps in the German market. How can I do this?

The Chinese company Huawei is bringing the new Smartphone to Germany. Technically speaking, the Huawei P-Smart-Pro has a little bit of what is New. However, this is its great strength. Because the manufacturer is dealing with the trading restrictions, which force you to set-up new equipment on the terms.

Huawei’s P Smart Pro has everything you need

In the German market for Android-based device with no Google Apps are considered to be next to no chance at all. Huawei’s P Smart Pro has everything that the average German user required: Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube are pre-installed on all. In addition to this, the mobile phone may also be provided, although a solid configuration at a very attractive price. It’s supposed to be the beginning of the end of March, so about 280 euros. How can I do this? And: is it Worth it to buy?

Re-release of an old model

Basically, it is the one of the Huawei P-Smart-Pro, a new version of the Honor 9, which came out last year on the market, and that it had been given to the Google-code-fortunately, before the ban on the tradehere is our test report). The honor is the sister-brand of Huawei, and is well-known for their Budget Smartphones. To bring out handsets with the old license it as a new device on the market, and now it looks like it belongs to the group of the strategy, A gimmick that is similar to Huawei have been applied, for example, the New 5T.

The special features of the Huawei P-Smart-Pro

What is surprising is that the Pop-up menu of the camera, for Selfies, which was built in Honour of the 9, and, if necessary, and it can be. As a result, the Display fills almost the entire Front of it. The camera has three Sensors, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens, and a depth sensor with a maximum resolution of 48 megapixels (MP).

The Hardware has not been up-to-date: other than the Honor of the 9X has a total of 6 instead of 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory. The memory is 128 GB and with a MicroSD memory card to expand it. As an alternative, the Slot can also be used for a second SIM card. The Display screen is 6.6 inches high and has a resolution of 2,340 x 1080 pixels. The battery offers a capacity of 4000 mAh. An NFC Chip for functions such as mobile payments, is missing, unfortunately.

Out Of Date Processor

The processor of Huawei’s P-Smart-Pro, a Series 710f, in accordance with the” in the meantime, nearly two years on the hump. This also shows that Huawei is not in the game, in order to bring the old Hardware with a valid license from Google to a new way of looking at the market for ever. The device is just a low-priced starter of the thread is interesting, but it is likely to be the same out-of-date from there soon.

When it comes to Software, the new Huawei will be left behind-Smartphone-is supplied with the Huawei P-Smart-Pro, the former Android in 9, while that of other new features have been on Android for 10. This Update is going to happen.

Conclusion: for those Who are looking for a fancy and cheap Smartphone, then you can check out the Huawei P-Smart Pro you need to be there. In the long run, but neither Huawei nor the buyer of this work-around happy. The group will continue to shake, and the hope is that the Google ban is lifted, or is that the Huawei’s Mobile Services as an Alternative to Google’s success.