I rage in Paris! Felipe VI nerves lose with Letizia. “Enough already!”


12 of march 2020
(10:15 CET)

The mess in the Home Real it is becoming more. Despite the fact that the kings Felipe and Letizia are giving an image of normality of doors to outside, inside the fights are increasing.

In fact, it has been in Paris, where the kings have been moved to attend a couple of events despite having suspended his official agenda, where Letizia and Felipe have had a conversation very bawdy, as pointing from the environment of the House Real.

A fight that has as a protagonist precisely the name that is putting The Zarzuela and the monarchy in the spotlight: John Carlos I. The different information, all of which are very controversial and leave you in a very bad place at emeritus, that are popping up these days are causing Ortiz is pressing, and much to her husband.

Queen Letizia, King Felipe VI and king emeritus Juan Carlos I | EFE

The fight between Felipe and Letizia

It seems that the queen, who is not having exactly a lot of affection to your father-in-law, is more than fed up to see the name of Juan Carlos I not to appear in the media related news for alleged corruption as well as their lovers.

Much not be few to ensure that in another times journalist is a threat to the menarche, now Letizia is proving that the only thing you care about is to keep clean the image of the institution.

Hence you have been asked/demanded of her husband that intervenes in the mess of his father. Obviously it is not that the king Felipe you have the power to keep continue to pop up information, but yes you could do something more.

Or at least that is what he considers a Letizia who knows, by the way, is taken advantage of the situation to zoom out even more to his father-in-law of his immediate circle. The problem is that, so much pressure that we’re getting to Ortiz her husband, Felipe has jumped and with words like “IEnough is enough” he has made it clear that, despite the fact that he is equally worried that she, for the moment it’s not going to move. Of time.