In the Amazon, says on the subject


Amazon’s Alexa is the hard-of-hearing? This was the poll on here the other day on the Blog. A great round, because it has been discussed in various forums and groups looking forward to it. In other places, it’s a picture that was also in our Blog, so that it is visibly shown. 4.690 the votes have been handed down to us, of which 90 per cent of all participants said they thought the Wake-up Word Detection as well. We have also, in the case of the Amazon, and, of course, to get the answer. I the rich, regardless of the results, the time.

“The discovery of the word activation, as well as the voice recognition to be improved on the basis of the technology and the customers on an ongoing basis. We are continually investing in the optimization of our technology to enable the recognition of words, and clients will take to heart your feedback. The customer shall comply, at the time of activation of the word-recognition difficulties, you can contact customer support for further assistance.”

Of course, this is a long answer, almost an answer to a specific problem. It’s not the answers that we have improved the detection of the activation word continuously, but if there was a problem. It is, of course, of course, useless, if there is a Problem or not.

You might want to consider tend to be issues that are increasingly on the understanding, if it appeals to you. Maybe in this case? I had considered it, but the results are pretty clear. What is also impressive: were there any Updates before the problems are, most likely, the Firmware, and now, one of the Points to get another one.