In the case of Vodafone, the Router and cord only


As in the digital learn from multiple players, and in particular, the entire unit is at its end. It’s a little bit more power than the standard router provided. The behind-the-Homebox-AVM-Router Fritz-box-of-6591 Cable at the time of the booking by us with the help of special Software. But it is precisely for this Router, that is, at present, only in rare and exceptional cases. The customer will have to pay 6,99 € a month, and if you want to.

We, and the AVM to confirm for the delivery problems

How we, as a spokesperson for Vodafone confirmed that “due to the success of the CableMax action […] the increase in the demand for the FRITZ!Box 6591.” In addition to this, it is us, “By the Coronavirus, has now come, in addition to the delivery difficulties of the manufacturer, which is why the item is not available at this time.” In the meantime, the order is switched if the Online-in addition, a corresponding note.

Note: the Text on Vodafone
Note: the Text on Vodafone

Surprisingly, issues with delivery due to the Coronavirus to know the MVA, however, is nothing. You have confirmed to us, however, that the Model has been delayed. Literally, it is the Berlin Headquarters of the manufacturer of the router, in a report to be written, “For on the FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable, there is a high demand in the market. This is the reason for the delay in the delivery. We continue to produce it.” The MVA has outsourced the manufacturing of the Router, to a firm in Bavaria. He is currently with the supply of the items in the China on the issues, is not informed of the AVM.

We recommend that you, the customer, have been on the Vodafone Station, the FRITZ!So you can use the Box from the 6490. The latter, however, is not rates for Gigabit ethernet, and is associated with DOCSIS 3.1 Standard, and is, therefore, not suitable for the current promotional rate. The Vodafone Station is included in the price of 39.99 euros. You can also reserve for a later point in time, the entire unit Option to us to do so.

These are some of the choices for Vodafone routers

As an alternative, you have the opportunity to get your the Router in the free-trade, and to pursue it as an alternative to the Vodafone Station. As a result, the cost of the purchase you have. The monthly costs, you will be charged Vodafone with a router that has a cable-rent-a-FritzBox-model, in a way, but.

It is important for you to know at this point, The time of start-up, it is because the manual install is a bit more tricky. In addition to this, you obtain a different from that in the case of a lease of the tools and possible Defects, it is not a replacement device from Vodafone. Question-6591 Cable comes in right here, in addition to the free trade area is still available on the FritzBox FritzBox-6660 the sale only started a few weeks ago.

During the Fritzbx print 6591 Cable that is currently in the Amazon, for example, in the field of Media, in many of the stores that are still available. Alternatively, it is also in the online shop is available. The FritzBxx 6660 Cape for a few weeks to the delivery time from Amazon is available.

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