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The international press is saying about the Nioh 2. The international press is saying about the Nioh 2.

With the Nioh 2, Team Ninja, has another game in the race for the battle of the hardness of the soul is most like sent to you. The previous game’s Hero, William starred in the three years prior to, among other things, with an excellent combat system, the objective is to improve the developer right now. My opinion of the game, you can be in the big Time ” on a review, but what does the international media say that the PS4 Exclusive.

The classification of the overview & Metacritic Score Nioh 2

  • “True the game is out of the 47 reviewed, with a mean score of 86 points.*
  • The Open Critic 2 is a Nioh) is currently 45 pages, with a score of 87 points.*

Status: 11. In March, At 18:44.

The one who is praised, what is being criticized?

Team Ninja is run in accordance with the criticism of the international media, it is a very, very good. The Strengths and weaknesses of the Action role-playing game, according to a previously published Test, we have summarized for you here:

This is a good thingSystem : in combat, including a new Tournament skills, the multi-faceted role-playing system, challenging boss fights, the exploration, on a large scale.

At the conclusion of this page, GamesRadar+ is:

“Nioh 2 is, of course, in some respects, perhaps, a little too much on the numbers, but the smooth, deep, and intense battle system is simply amazing. “

It was not: The complexity can be overwhelming, and repetitive mission design, and, in part, to the high level of difficulty.

Nioh 2 will appear on the 13th day of the month of November. In march exclusively for the PS4. By the end of 2020, a desktop computer, you can have a Version. How about you, are you going to take the fight to the Tournament, or is it in the game in terms of challenge, but with a dash too much of a Good thing?