Infidelity. Miguel Marcos gulps. Everything comes out of. “Boy, this is finished”. I last minute pump!!!


March 11, 2020
(15:07 CET)

Belén Esteban has managed to take to Toño Sanchís of the that is now her home. That awaited day arrived last march 5 and narrated it in Save me between smiles and tears. The partner closes a long episode, but admits that the war has not finished. The Paracuellas think back to the last penny, as has been revealed in the new exclusive that has occurred in the magazine Readings, and in a Week, in this last showed images of the inside of the house where he lived his exrepresentante with your family.

Bethlehem brings new documents that prove that your exrepresentante still owed a million euros more. Not only will you claim that amount but in addition has started the formalities of a criminal prosecution against Toño Sanchís and his wife, Lorena Romero, unfair administration and falsehood documentary.

“The greed I was able to”, he said Bethlehem speaking to the camera. The collaborator has finally achieved a part of your struggle and ended up excited in front of their peers saltándosele tears. The mother of Andrea de Janeiro is very grateful to his family and to Miguel Marcos, his biggest support throughout this long journey. Likewise, it warned: “There is still a lot. This continues and I still have a money to charge”.

According to Belén Esteban, Toño Sanchís has put many stones in the way, but still has not managed to win the battle. If you thought that I was going to wear was wrong. The co promised that he would give an exclusive to pay for the renovation of the house, and has done so. It teaches the pitiful state of the housing.

For this reason, and for having done harm to a family, Belen Esteban and Miguel Marcos have received harsh criticism. “We’re going to for you”, I write in networks. “Boy, this is finished”, I say heading to the ambulance driver.