Intel: The next big CPU is weak, it is well-known


The on-Chip security, and the departments of architecture of Intel, and he has been recovering from a crisis meeting to the next. Why so soon after the announcement of the “unfixbaren to a gap in almost all of the modern Intel CPUs, it’s the next Shoe to drop.

No, we do not envy the managers of the companies mentioned today. Because the processor is huge, you have to set yourself apart as a huge security vulnerability, against which hardly any or no herb is grown. As in the case of a failure, and the spectra were found to be involved in the discovery, inter alia, that the security researchers from the technical University of Graz, who has also worked in computer science from KU, you must Park, from the University of Michigan and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

All of the CPUs in between Skylake and the Ice on the Lake

The difference is that the so-called Value-of-Charge-Injection (LVI), you are affected all of the latest Intel processors, starting with the Skylake-Generation, which will bring support for the Software Guard Extension (SGX) from the microsoft corporation. For the full list of CPUs the manufacturer has published it here, and the associated Advisory or the vulnerability Details can be found under the number CVE-2020-0551. However, there is also a “ceiling” to the threat, because the Ice of the Lake, is, in spite of SGX, I am sure.

The ratio of the Spectrum, and the Crisis does not refer only to computer scientists, who discovered the vulnerability. There is also a context for the evidence, because, even in the case of a too high output if the data is to be handled on the processor – “inside the border” (as “chauffeur”). Particularly controversial is the fact that, in the case of the LVI added, it is particularly difficult to implement.

The function of the LVI Daniel’s Hubby, one of the computer scientists of the Graz University of technology, told the daily Telegraph “good” (simplified): Well, the Meltdown is an attack that runs a little bit out of the way through the wall to get to the safety deposit box in a Bank, “According to the wall would Notice that he did in order to undo all the secrets in the vault, but it was still well-known by the attacker.”

In the LVI, then the robbery is a lot less obvious on the stage, and now it’s working with a fake transfer request to be processed normally by the Bank. It was discovered that it was a hoax, then it’s already too late, since the money is already gone.

Against too high output, only a Change in the fundamental design, using the Patch, this attack is a scenario, it is not of this world. There has been, at best, Workarounds, Microcode Updates, however, it will not be possible. For counter-measures, Intel is already working on it since April of 2019 at the latest, because the developers have set up the manufacturer of the chip and it is already almost a year ago, to be aware of.

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Security in the gap, Intel, processor, Cpu, Chip, LVI, the Value of the Charge Injection

Security in the gap, Intel, processor, Cpu, Chip, LVI, the Value of the Charge Injection