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Apparently, the requests and Concerns of the users of the iPhone, which is so widespread, that Apple has decided to review the Supporting documentation for the cleaning up of the interface. Users have been advised in advance, prior to the use of alcohol to clean your Smartphone and Displays it to the manufacturer right now. In the, as yet, only in the English language, this is the Apple document, there are two types of sites that you can use for the cleaning.

Apple allows you to disinfect with isopropanol

Disinfectant wipes (70% isopropyl alcohol (2-Propanol), as well as disinfectant wipes IN the usa, is the manufacturer of Clorox may be used, according to Apple, the removal of the interface. While the latter may be found in this country, so few of them come up the active ingredients with isopropyl alcohol, more often. Especially in medicine but also in industry and in the workshop of the Ethanol is used to substitute for regular cleaning or disinfection. The active ingredient has been released for the control of the Covid-19 (Reservoir) for the disinfection of the hands.

Apple notes, however, clearly suggest that the users with disinfectant wipes tough and non-porous surfaces to clean. That is to say, when you use your iPhone or iPad is perfectly sufficient, since it allows you to clear the screen and the housing. You want to boil or the owner of an Apple Watch, and the watch, you should not clean a leather strap or silicone, with the disinfectant wipes. Because the agents contain no solvents that can attack the sensitive surfaces.

In addition to this, Apple advises against the spraying of the surface of the device directly with a disinfectant. The company should, therefore, have already been soaked in a disinfectant wipe or cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth.

Your Smartphone clean: Important things to note

6 tips for cleaning up the Smartphone

In General, in the absence of a smartphone to a lot of scratch-sensitive components and to avoid the ingress of liquid. The above-linked guide for suggestions will also apply to iPhones and Android-based Smartphones.