“It is loaded before that to Bertin Osborne”. Telecinco passes the broom: “Goodbye”

Bertin Osborne

March 11, 2020
(15:21 CET)

Mediaset takes action, and spare parts. It is time to evolve. The viewers are sick of the same programs, but most of the same faces. A touch of attention was the incredible audience of The island of temptations. The new reality of Telecinco reached four million followers and the left new young promises. Others have already come to an end as My home is yours and Bertin Osborne this last season recorded the worst data historical. “It is loaded before that to Bertin Osborne”, written in networks with reference to future dismissal of the presenter.


It is not the only person who is in the papers of the dismissal of Paolo Vasile. Where is Alba Carrillo? It is the question that you will make millions of viewers. The former Feliciano Lopez played in it is Already noon and discussing the best moments of the realities of the chain, however from his involvement in the GH VIP 7 does not appear on television.

The partner refused to participate in The discount time, a lengthening of GH VIP 7. Decision taken following the cancellation of GH DUO due to lack of advertisers. The model does not want to participate in this new second assault and, therefore, Mediaset the penalized with the dismissal of its major programs.

Alba Carrillo or is not expected. The high charges could have enough of his shenanigans to the chain as of his character haughty and overbearing. She said that I needed a break and to spend more time with his son, who I missed a lot after spending three months locked in the house of Guadalix no contact with the outside.

Currently, Alba Carrillo is enjoying his relationship with the journalist Santi Burgoa, who has been seen on more than one occasion taking long walks on the outskirts of Madrid.