“It’s not every day we meet people who do not surrender”


The comedian cuban Otto Ortiz has brought out his side more supportive and has gone to visit a child who is an inpatient in a hospital of Havana.

The artist shared in your account of Facebook some pictures of the visit to the child in which appear both very smiling and accompanied by a few words in to account what that meant to him the power to know “people who do not surrender and do not give up”.

To Huey, the name of the child, the comedian describes him as a young man, who loves the humour, the sport, and who is a fan of the Real Madrid football team.

Also, Ortiz Ortiz he said that not only he has taken the job of going personally to see him, but other popular artists of the Island as the reggaeton Kim and Dany and the humorist Omar Franco, who plays Rupert in the series for the cuban television Live the Story, among others, has also come to the hospital to give the child a moment of joy.

“Today I had the honor of meeting Huey, a child who likes humour, sport and is a fan of Madrid. Child farandulero, is a friend, and have visited Kim and Dany, Rupert, Pável Otero, Hector Villar, and many more,” said Otto Ortiz.

Then, the comedian made emphasis on the strength of will, and the spirit of improvement that have both Huey and his family and thanked them for the power to be able to share with them, as they to him are an example of struggle.

Also, invited all those followers of yours who would like to know that they contact your family via Facebook.

“It’s not every day we meet people who do not give up, not give up. Thanks Huey and family for letting me be part of you. Anyone who wants to know more about this example of a fighter who asks him to friendship,” he concluded.