Jorge Drexler devotes a song to the coronavirus and viraliza


“Elbow to elbow” is the title of the song that the singer uruguayan Jorge Drexler has dedicated himself to the times, marked by global uncertainties by the expansion of the coronavirus.

The letter reminds the preventive measures to avoid the contagion, which passed by to avoid physical contact: “no longer will the hugs, the kisses given with calm. If you find a friend salúdalo with the soul. Smile, throw a kiss, from afar I know nearby,” says the text, promoting a type of alternative greeting to avoid the spread of the virus.

“The paranoia and the fear, are not, nor will be the mode. Of this we will leave together by placing side by side. Look people in the eye, show him that you care. If you can, don’t worry, with the business already achieved. Let it be love that tip the balance,” he adds.

His followers have held the tenderness with which the uruguayan singer manages to treat the anguish that these days shakes to half of humanity.

“I woke up in San José, Costa Rica, with the sense apparent that we were going to have to postpone the concerts. I am faced with these anxieties by writing and grabbing the guitar. #Saludarcodoconcodo“wrote the artist on Twitter.

The interpreter On the other side of the river he used the alternative path proposed by the technology, and gave a concert to the virtual in his page of Facebook.

Drexler adds to a long list of artists all over the world are being forced to put a pause to their presentations; Carlos Santana, Avril Lavigne, New Order, Maluma, BTS, and Pearl Jam, are just some of them.

The agglomeration that occurs at concerts is going against the recommendations set by the World Health Organization, who on Wednesday raised to the category of pandemic, the novel coronavirus, which has infected about 130 thousand people and has claimed the lives of more than 4,700 people.