Keanu Revees and Angelina Jolie are together? Podolski, the actor!


Since days there is talk of a flirtation between Keanu Revees and Angelina Jolie, but the staff of the actor has denied, by the story of a lie the tabloids.





John Wick, 3, In A 15

John Wick 3 – in One: a photo of the film

For days, the speculation on chase Keanu Reeves and Angelina Jolie and you can report, pumps, you, of course, by the various tabloid Newspapers and with many details. But now the spokesperson of the actor has denied and a brake is put at each conclusion derubricando everything to a huge invention.

In short, between the two there is no binding, the other confirmed, a little later also from a source close to the actress said that she is now it’s just a lot of work and especially the children.
And yet were in many dreams, the strange connection between Keanu Reeves, defines the man more good in the world, and Angelina Jolie, who has a temper much stronger, so that’s a Star, note magazine for gossip, there was talk, even the appointment to the day of the birthday of the diva. But the contact of the plaintiff has been denied you, all with a communiqué, you must be crazy, that leaves little room for doubt: “Your story is completely false and has no basis in the truth. This event has never occurred. Once the restore were and invent lies in order to increase their sales, a simple and profitable”.

Angelina Jolie London

Angelina Jolie in London in the year 2018

Gossip Cop, the new newspaper of the industry, stressed that the legal representatives of Angelina Jolie has been informed, repeatedly, that his attention is focused on their children and on their career and not rely on someone else. And in fact, the obligations are not missing: from the staff as editor for the Time, the philanthropy, the new Chapter of Maleficient ” and ” The Eternals with Marvel. The same goes for the actor that you are in this moment, straight through a period of great popularity in the case of petitions, the, man of the year, with anecdotes about encounters of the fans with Keanu Reeves, the excellent results at the box office, John Wick 3: in A and a possible role in the Marvel franchise.