Kylie Jenner follows in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and covers his body in velvet

The beautiful model and entrepreneur american Kylie Jennershared a racy photo on Instagram looking more beautiful than ever; the sister of Kim Kardashian she wore a garment very flirtatious velvet that fell to the users.

At 22 years of age celebrity Instagram Kylie Jenner, still monopolizes the eyes of their admirers by the different looks which shows in the social networks, although the velvet dress that she wore, he uncovered your body of infarction.

In the snapshot, which showed Kylie Jenner on Instagram you can see that the famous entrepreneur wanted to look like his sister and followed his steps, now wearing a new look, did not miss the opportunity to combine his style with that of Kim Kardashian.

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The bold photography of Kylie Jenner wearing a sexy velvet dress, cheered thousands of followers, who took advantage to admire the spectacular body of the sister of Kim Kardashian, leaving comments uploaded tone.

Kylie Jenner wants to be like Kim Kardashian

Businesswoman Kylie Jenner in addition to wowing their fans of Instagram, he also received flattering comments from some famous like Paris Hilton, who is one of the closest friends of the family of the famous businesswoman Kim Kardashian.

On the other hand, the famous entrepreneur Kim Kardashian stopped fascinated its faithful admirers to splurge sensuality with a close-fitting gown of velvet, while he was posing so sexy; the sister of Kylie Jenner bragged a tiny waist enviable at 39 years of age.

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian on several occasions have worked together to famous magazines, as both of these entrepreneurs have achieved popularity for their line of makeup and fragrances that have been released.

Photo: Glamour.