Lady Gaga as God brought the world into the TOILET and sitting in the cup!

March 11, 2020
(18:59 CET)

Lady Gaga since he began his music career has shown as a champion of minorities. Just her nickname Mother Monster refers to that has taken a leading role to people who are referred to as strange by society.

Clear that his star status has done to become immune to criticism for his physical, however, she has responded in the most original way possible, with a photo in the TOILET as God brought the world.

Bad comments received by Gaga in the early months of 2020 have been addressed to your weight. In order to counteract this situation, the singer posted a picture sitting in the cup and with a cigar in hand. The image allows us to observe that the weight gain is not alarming in the least.

lady gaga

The reflection of Lady Gaga for his followers, and against the criticism from the detractors was: “Thank you to all my fans who love me no matter what and know the real meaning of beauty and compassion, really, I love you.”

Lady Gaga on anti-bullying social

Gaga has presented its new project against bullying, and has the shape of a book. The name of the book is to Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community and in its contents there are a total of 50 stories of people related to the artist, who experienced situations in which a good gesture made a difference in their lives to overcome hard times.

Lady Gaga announced about the book, which goes on sale on September 22, 2020: “it Is the materialization of the acts of good faith, that enlarge to the communities and establishing a sense of hope in all of us.”

With a star of both international recognition and a fierce determination to win the battle against bullying will be a matter of time.