Last time was devastating to Ortega Cano. You just know. “Have a very bad end”


12 of march 2020
(17:00 CET)

The Flores Carrasco return to be rigorous now after the participation of Dew Flowers in Survivors 2020. Mediaset knows how to take advantage of the daughter of Antonio David. All the family members of the contestant are in the spotlight, this week especially Ortega Cano. Dew Flowers is not the only one that is competing in the reality show, also Ana Maria Aldón, the wife of the bullfighter.

Ana Maria Aldón is nominated this week and this Thursday could be expelled. The designer is distressed because he is living a great adventure. Everything is new to her and to the side of Ortega Cano his life was a boredom. According to Mila Ximénez in his blog of the magazine Reads, “we’re watching to enjoy and wander around without a disguise your lack of empathy for the environment of your husband. Ana Maria has lived stories very rogue, and although I know that is not what has gone well, you still have that adrenaline rush you out of your comfort zone to have the run of the danger.”

ana maria aldón survivors 2020According to the collaborator, Ana Maria Aldón met Ortega Cano at the right time. He just lost and he was with the defenses low. An easy prey. For a long time was to the orders of the matador and now has managed to disassociate themselves from him and live your own life.

“I see a woman full of vitality, and her husband, low profile, walking with the same laziness that speaks. I think he is in that moment wanders between what has been and what he plays live now. Ana Maria has released ballasts. Has come out of this supposed shyness that was not such as the events, and has decided to become attached to their own wings and fly above the wasteland of Ortega Cano,” says Mila.

When Ana María Aldón return to Spain will not be the same as it was. The contestant has changed for the better and now takes the reins of your life. Could it be that Ana Maria and Jose Ortega Cano to take the decision to separate?