Laura of TV Azteca Did Because the ran out of “Venga la Alegría”?


Laura G of TV Azteca, caused a stir on social networks, as the host of the television has not been presented for a number of days in the program “Venga la Alegría”, do they already ran?.

Remember that several internet users have shown their anger by the presence of Laura G since I joined, “Come to Joy”, as users do not lose the opportunity of asking the driver to leave the program of TV Azteca.

Apparently the driver of TV Azteca has not been presented in the program “Venga la Alegría” from some days ago, but apparently the presenter Laura G revealed the reason for his absence through Instagram.

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The conductive Laura G used its official account of Instagram to publicize the reason for which has not been presented in the program “Venga la Alegría”, because apparently the driver revealed that it was due to an illness.

Laura G breaks the silence

The driver of TV Azteca, began to feel bad last Friday 6 of march, so we decided to go to the doctor to know the reason for his discomfort; Laura G broke the silence and confessed that he had to rest after being diagnosed with influenza.

“They sent Me these photos and I remember that day I had no idea why I felt so bad…

…on Friday I went to the hospital to get tested for Flu and it came out positive … the doctor told me to let your kids to the grandparents and I said “ they live in another city, in another country,” and the truth was not of another”. Commented Laura G to their fans.

The conductive Laura G revealed to his fans on Instagram, which she was diagnosed with the disease of influenza, so he had to be absent for several days of “Venga la Alegría” to be able to recover.

Despite being absent for several days, the conductive Laura G returned to the program of TV Azteca this Thursday, so that the comments of the users did not wait upon the return of the conductor in “Venga la Alegría”.

Photo: Instagram.