Leon Chiro presumed to COSPLAY All Might to combat the Coronavirus


Leon Chiro it is a famous cosplayer professional, taking more than 335 thousand followers on Instagram acknowledge all the support from his fans, so he wore his cosplay of All Might to appease the news related to the Coronavirus in the world, being this character of the anime My Hero Academy the clear example of the positive attitude in any situation.

The model of Italian descent and an american, presumed to be her more sensual with a detailed cosplay of All-Might, which wears the costume of the Silver age the legendary predecessor of the One For All, who later passed this gift to the protagonist of My Hero Academy called Midoriya Izuku.

With all the positive attitude, Leon Chiro did not hesitate to carry a new account one of your cosplays more dear by their fans, already knows the message that this character of My Hero Academy represents on their own history and the “Symbol of Peace” is the best option to raise the spirits by the threat of the Coronavirus.

The cosplay of All Might by Leon Chiro

“Everything will be alright”

Leon Chiro received a lot of positive reviews on its publication, being the expected response for most of the 11 languages in which he published his message, there is no doubt that new versions of All Might in the world of cosplay will be coming in future events of the anime, because the cosplayer loves to devote themselves to this.

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The cosplayer Italian proved to grow with the characters, that recreates, as All Might have multiple costumes in My Hero Academy, being the of the Golden Age is one of the most glamorous show in real life and Leon Chiro with your toned figure was modeled to perfection.