Levi’s and Nintendo to bring a Super Mario collection is on the market and Nintendo’s Turn

We heard at the beginning of the month, that the developer and the Consumer are working together on the fashion line, with the well-known Jeans, the producer makes here, from the Super Mario Franchise for the inspiration…. Appropriate for yesterday, to-Day, by Mario Levi, a few of the first images revealed.

1. April 2020 (for an interesting date, that will hopefully lead to a bad April fool’s joke to start the original x Levi’s collaboration, to properly. Here you can see the Designs:

Original Post by-1. March 2020: Levi took us by surprise recently with the announcement. The fashion brand all over the world for their Jeans, it is well-known, there may soon be a Super Mario Games Collection to bring it out. From the subsequent Social Media Postings, unfortunately, it is not yet known, we will keep you posted about this, but the up-to-date, and the report, as well as the products that have been officially revealed.

Levi Strauss & Co. it is a publicly listed company trading of textile products in all over the world for their Jeans well-known. It was founded in 1853 as the franconian immigrant Levi Strauss (and, in fact, Löb Strauss) to San Francisco, he came to the opening with his brother in the West coast business areas. The company’s Jeans made Overalls in the 1870s, but the modern Jeans in the 1920s. The company is currently in the possession of the descendants and extended family of four nieces and nephews of Levi Strauss, who inherited it after the death of the company. The group is the global leader of the market in the sale of Jeans and other casual trousers clothing. Its head office is located in the San Francisco bay area.