MacBook pro, and MacBook Air with new keyboards ”


Once and for all. A few days later, the usually reliable predictions of the well-known Apple Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has presented a point of view on each of the first six months of the year is 2020, and the observers of the market, its forecasts and now, for more details on the terms of the MacBook pro, and MacBook Air.

The 13-Inch Macbook Pro By 2019

Both of these devices should already be in the second quarter, and in revised versions, in with the new Apple keyboard-used method of a keypad, for the 16-inch model of the MacBook Pro’s debut. Currently, the support from Apple is still error-prone, with the Butterfly keyboard on their laptop computer, and provides you with an enhanced keyboard-warranty.

It is unclear, however, whether Apple has fixed the size of 13.3-inch MacBooks with the keyboard-it’s so easy to change up to a 14″ or a well-known Monitor for measuring sticks. The MacBook air is a thin edge of the screen is ensured that the devices are now equipped with 16 inch Display.

MacBook, Apple’s CPU’s at the end of the year

Those who could, however, wait for a little while, it does not seem advisable to invest immediately in the new MacBook pro models. According to Kuo, Apple will supplement a family’s laptop computer, until the late 2020 / early 2021, with a brand new model, it will not be with the Intel processors that are equipped to, but on the Apple CPUs are to be set up.