Magenta-home: Telecom reduces prices and offers on Disney’s+ more cheap


Magenta-home: Telecom reduces prices and offers on Disney's+ more cheap
Image: Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom to build up to your Magenta to provide for a network of fixed, mobile, radio, and television, where they belong. In the fixed-line network prices from 250 Mbit/s, there are reductions in some of the more drastic, permanent price, as well as a new Magenta1 offering is planned for the Easter holiday. In addition to this, the new Transmission will be offered a reduced service to Disney and a+.

The price cuts will begin on the Magenta-home-XL-250-Mbit/s via VDSL2, both new customers and existing customers from April 16th. March 4. It can be reduced from a monthly 54,95 Euro 49,95€. If the booking takes place within this period of time, this is a permanent price drop.

Gigabit ethernet connection up to 40 Euro reduced

From 1. In April, the no action period, the price of the Magenta and yellow house-giant-size-with 500 Mbit/s is reduced along the fiber continuously from 69,95 Euro to 59.95 Euro. Magenta-home Gig) with 1 Gbit/s via fiber optics, the reduction of the price, it is always 79,95 € instead of 119,95 Euro will be higher. The measure can also be seen as a response to the CableMax the action of our understanding.

Telephone and Magenta, especially from 1 up to 50 Eur

In addition to that, Deutsche Telekom, and the Passover of 28. The march is a series of actions to Magenta1, which is made up of Magenta and yellow, in-house L L L L 50-Mbit/s over DSL, and the new tariff for mobile phone-Magenta, special 1, which has a data volume of 10 GB in a month, and the monthly 49,95 € on the total cost of the package. By the time the action is taken, it is not yet known.

Disney is your Partner in Telecom
Disney is deutsche Telekom Partner ” (photo: Deutsche Telekom)

Disney is your Partner in Telecom

For MagentaTV, Deutsche Telekom announced that at last, by a rumour which is circulating, in partnership with Disney and a+ is officially for all customers. The network provider has an exclusive partnership with the all-new Streaming service, such as the Michael Hagspihl, managing Director, explained that the residential customers, Telekom Deutschland GmbH for the call. The Start of the Disney-is-for 24. March expected in Germany.

Disney, plus 6 months free and 5 € for the connection

The customers of Deutsche Telekom, and the use of MagentaTV, Magenta house, or, Magenta, in mobile, you may book Disney’s+ now, and get your Streaming service to Launch in less than two weeks for the first 6-months, free of charge, and then monthly for 5 Euros, which at the time of the park the same call to 6.99 euros per month. MagentaTV the customer will receive in addition to the Streaming options offer you within the Disney, is a linear TV channel to the Receiver, the round-the-clock content from Disney’s+.

The new rates for the Magenta and yellow in the house
The new rates for the Magenta and yellow house (photo: Deutsche Telekom)

Disney+ to MagentaTV staff, and MagentaTV App

Also, the customers of Deutsche Telekom, and the use of only the MagentaTV Stick or MagentaTV the App, you can book the Disney’s+, Deutsche Telekom, and receiving the Streaming service, in this scenario, the 3-months, free of charge, subsequently, however, it can not be reduced, but at the price of 6.99 € / month). In all of the variants out there, Disney is a+ at least for the duration of the contract, on a monthly basis, and you’re done.