Maluma delayed their concerts because of the Coronavirus


Maluma decide to protect their millions of fans before placing them in the current threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19)by publicizing in your social networks to your decision postpone the dates scheduled of their concerts in Greece and Italy until further notice, and so prevent the spread of this disease.

According to the information of The Trade, the contracting colombian was one of the new famous in addition to measures of prevention for their concerts after the increase of cases by COVID-19, being a way of protecting their fans and people involved in the production of their world tour.

“Unfortunately, by the situation of the coronavirus we’re going to have to postpone, so with my team we made this decision for their well-being, for the well-being of all the crew and all the people that are going to be here,” he said Maluma in one of his stories of Instagram.

Maluma postponed its concerts for COVID-19

These dates have been delayed, represented the debut of Maluma in the southeast of europe, but considered the situation of the Coronavirus in red alert from several weeks and decided to make it clear to their fans about the necessary measures so as not to jeopardize the health, being one of the artists most recent report this change in their concerts.

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“So also by the recommendation of the government, we prefer to postpone the concerts in Greece. Soon I’ll give you the dates, stay very aware, and it is a pity then, that the first time I was going to submit here in Greece he touched to postpone that, so we’ll see you soon my people, and I hope you understand”, he added Maluma.