Marjorie de Sousa announces new theme song along with a famous heartthrob


The venezuelan actress Marjorie de Sousa he has made it clear that after the controversial time that he lived with Julian Gil, has returned to his facet as a singer, and in the program “Despierta America”, revealed that it will launch a musical theme with a famous heartthrob.

In the program “Wake Up America” got to know a preview of what will be the new video clip of Marjorie de Sousa; the theme music of the venezuelan goes by the name “Morenito of my life”, where the famous show some bold dance steps.

One of the big surprises that will have the new music video of Marjorie de Sousa, will be the presence of the famous cuban actor Pedro Moreno, who has participated in several soap operas in Televisa, and has succeeded in attracting the glances of the women.

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The venezuelan actress Marjorie de Sousa, is very excited and enthusiastic about your new video clip “Morenito of my life”, where he will participate in the famous heartthrob Pedro Moreno, who at 39 years of age, is admired for his sculpted body and his dancing.

“This issue has many things in venezuela, have things cuban, has many rhythms…

…is something really very tasty, is something that puts you to dance, you have as well as a wave flamenco. It is a very beautiful way for a woman to describe what a man makes her feel, the man she dreams of, in this case the morenito of my love is don Pedrito”. He commented on the venezuelan actress.

Marjorie de Sousa on social networks

Marjorie de Sousa enjoys sharing risqué videos on his official Instagram, leaving more love to their fans, those who admire the beauty of the famous, it looks like a hot body with an amazing 39 years of age.

Marjorie de Sousa in addition to participating in tv and be a singer, has also demonstrated that it is a celebrity on Instagram to add more than 6.1 million followers, as users enjoy seeing the venezuelan actress in tiny bikinis.

Photo: The Journal.