Mobile phone users to miss out on the latest feature


Google has already retired from the company at the end of the plug? The user of the current, Huawei has informed us that they will no longer have access to the Google Apps. While the app doesn’t install, start the but. Thus, the mobile users are now spoilt for choice.

Image source: GB – Huawei-Mate-30

Those who do not want to give up, in spite of the sanctions of the USA, a recent Smartphone, the Huawei, such as a Companion to the 30, before, I had two options: to search for an Alternative to the google Play Store, YouTube and co. – or-Google-Apps-regardless of whether you install the system. This is exactly the way it appears to be locked up.

Huawei’s Installation of the Google Apps, it is no longer possible

According to Huawei’s Blog post, the Google Apps will not work with a Partner (30%). The corresponding application can be installed, then refuse to Start. “This device is not certified to Play Secure”, – stated in the message of the error. A GB user made a name for itself, and then, after he has made the step-by-step instructions for installing the Google Apps is a Companion to the 30-and receive the same error message appeared:

Image: the SAME.

A limitation on the part of the manufacturer do not appear on the Huawei Blog site. What this suggests is that, perhaps Google has changed something in the Background, with the Installation of the Google Apps on a non-called Raising-to leave their smart phones.

What do we think about the Huawei Mate to The 30-in Pro:

Huawei needs to build up its own Ecosystem

Even though the number of mobile phone users, Google can install Applications from a smart phone of Huawei, in the afternoon, it is likely that you are insignificant. However, the incident shows that the problem is the manufacturer has to work under high pressure, in their own Ecosystem, in order to remain successful in the Western market of smart phones. The Fly-by-night solutions, such as a link to the Download for the APK files in its own App Store, will it work in the long run. Huawei will need to create an Alternative to the Google Play Store and Google Apps, who is just as comfortable as the Original.