Nacho Vigalondo on the chapter of ‘Just before Christ’ which predicted the coronavirus


This Friday, the 13th of march saw the launch of the second season of ‘Just before Christ’, a series marked by the mixture of silly humor with black humor that goes on in the time of Ancient Rome and tells the story of Manio Sempronius (Julian Lopez), a young wealthy tries to achieve honors through various feats, but at the end everything goes upside down.

Valeria in 'Just before Christ'

In advance of this new batch of episodes, its creators, Montero and Maidagán, and its director, Nacho Vigalondo, we have been told that we’re going to find mainly ufos, the resolution of the conflict of Acilius with his destiny and his father and, nowgiven that one of the episodes deals with a flu epidemic that may be likened to the current situation for the coronavirus.

We had Vigalondo that this chapter did “an anticipation of the Spain of this morning”. In addition, they highlight the use of a language that is also current in the face of what “we assume that they spoke well, didn’t you? they would speak colloquially even though it was in Latin”highlighted Montero.

With them, we have also spoken of if they are concerned about the reception of this second season, what other historical periods would be addressing, and what new developments they bring us these new episodes.

What third season?

Faced with the possibility of carrying out a third season, its creators claim that “in principle, is not, in principle, here it endsin fact, with this second season it closes the history of their characters. But “could follow because we thought where would our characters“we account Maidagán.

The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ opens Friday, march 13 at Movistar+.