None of the Patch that is available In Windows 10, it’s a dangerous loophole


Apparently, Microsoft has become well-known Accidentally that in Windows 10, a security hole that could be for the non-Update is closed. A special feature is that the vulnerability is particularly dangerous.

Currently, Microsoft delivers Updates for Windows 10 that it has eliminated a total of 117 low. Including, but not upgrades, which may include, but is especially dangerous gap in the log (SMBv3) on the operating system that controls access to the files on the network. This means that it is an open door to attack from far away. They are to be affected, in addition to 10 PCs and Windows Server.

It is every bit as dangerous as the WannaCry?

Especially dangerous is the power of vulnerability and what it does for you is the way to Malware that can spread the worm further. It is sufficient, therefore, that a computer is infected SMBv3 the Server is powered on, the bad is provided with a Code that can be executed on the attacked System. In a manner similar to that in the year 2017, to spread the ransomware Trojan WannaCry I’d ever had in the world, massive damage.

In fact, it should not be known, because we do not yet have any Patch. However, according to “Reuters”, it was planned for an Update, apparently it is for this reason that the company is informed in advance as to the change which has made the vulnerability public.

Simple Measures In An Emergency

Microsoft has responded, and the actions that the affected systems can be temporarily protected until a Patch is available. Among other things, for the company, it is recommended to turn off the compression of the Protocol is affected in any way. To do this, you type in a command in Windows PowerShell to be enough. You can find it easily by typing in “bar ” PowerShell” in the search window at the bottom left of the task. The command that you copied from the internet, and in Solutions of in the first gray field.

In addition to this, we recommend that you to close on your Firewall on TCP Port 445, respectively, in order to make sure that it is locked. The built in Firewall in Windows, you can find it if you type in the search box “Firewall”, and then the results of the search in the Apps The Windows Defender Firewall with advanced security making your selection.

From there, you can click on the links in the menu above The Rules Of Entry and then, on the right hand side under actions The New Rule. In the window that opens, you choose The door and then, at the click of More. In the next window, type in the introduction to the “port 445” and then click on it again More. Then, you can choose to To lock the connection and double click it. More. Finally, to rule out a name. So, you can easily find and delete them, respectively, to the Gate. This is done by clicking on the button Finish.