Oh scandal! Sebastián Rulli filter PACK and their fans go nuts


Sebastián Rulli it is a recognized actor telenovelas and series with mexican, going further with their sensuality in Instagrambecause he did not hesitate in showing off her statuesque figure and to focus the gaze of their more than 8.5 million followers in your toned pack abs that so much looks in his pictures.

The couple of Angelique Boyer is busy with her new soap opera, so Sebastián Rulli seems to find time to reflect on your life, by filtering an image of your “laundry room” in your account of Instagram reed with a message for all his fans.

“Every one who enjoys his own truth, is enclosed in its own lies and is lost in his own madness. How Happy are you with that and much good you do to others?” wrote Sebastian Rulli to side of his burning image, where he did not hesitate in showing off your toned figure on board of a luxurious yacht.

How sebastian Rulli annoying on Instagram?

Although the reflection of the actor seems to be going according to your current happiness, some of his most faithful followers have been questioned the past few hashtags that you used in the publication, because they make mention of a thought by words risqué: “If you’re not happy there j*[email protected] other,” added She.

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The actor who starred in the series “The Dragon” on Netflix is known for their fans to take a liberal thinking, because he has declared that they do not feel rushed by the marriage, have more children in your stable relationship with Angelique Boyer, remembering that he was married to Cecilia Galliano up until 2011 and she had her little Santiago.