‘Onward’ also gets one of the worst premieres of Pixar at the box office Spanish


‘Onward’, the new tape, original, Pixar, has not ended by pointing out all that should be. This new production of the acclaimed study of ‘Toy Story’ or ‘inside out (Inside Out)’ has been premiered at the global level with data very loosely, a pattern that has also been held in Spain. Premiered 368 in cinemas and featured in a total of 757 screens, had to settle with a collection 1.54 million, a figure which is very low, according to the figures that Pixar tends to get used to, according to data from ComScore.

Taking into account the figures of a new study from 2008, ‘Onward’ is positioned as the second worst premiere of Pixar in Spainhaving only below the 1.5 million that ‘Cars 3’ raised on his debut in June 2017. In addition, in comparison with ‘Coco’, the last premiere of the original company, is well behind the 2.3 million that this was obtained in November of 2017.

'Onward' from Pixar

It is noteworthy that in a market like Spain, where the family cinema tends to operate with great ease, the film has had to be satisfied with this low figures. In fact, even such films as ‘The adventures of Doctor Dolittle’ or ‘Dumbo’ which proved a failure at the global level ended up mentioning in our country. Yes it is true that the film has premiered at an unusual date for Pixarhowever, the month of march is usually a good slot for the animation film. Without going too far, the last year for these dates ‘How to train your dragon 3’ got 2.4 million euros.

In a typical scenario, a production like ‘Onward’ could present a good maintenance that will allow him to close his tour in the rooms with numbers acceptable, though, given the measures that have already begun to adopt by the coronavirus that leads to the limitation of the seating capacity of the cinemas, the film might see reduced their numbers greatly. However, taking into account the cancellation of premieres that is occurring, it could also be the possibility that the film will see the benefit of being one of the productions most notable of the billboard.

'Bloodshot' from Pixar

In second place is ‘Bloodshot’. This tape action starring Vin Diesel neither stands out, although its fairly acceptable. After premiering in 303 cinemas get to raise a total of 0.7 million, a figure quite similar to that obtained by other movies of the Diesel-like ‘xXx: Reactivated’ (0.8 million). Given the limitations of the rooms imposed by the Government, it is difficult to predict how it will behave ‘Bloodshot’ in the next few weeks, although you should be able to achieve figures of around 2 million euros.

‘The invisible man’ gets a good service in spite of the down to the third position in the box office. The tape of Blumhouse distributed by Universal decreased by 35% and raises to 0.65 million euros, which leads to obtain a total of 2.1 million. In our country, their cap would be about 3.5 million, but, as in the case of the rest of the movies, it is all relative to the situation of the cinemas, and the behavior of the spectators to the situation overall health.

Another good maintenance is obtained by ‘The Gentlemen: The gentlemen of the mafia’. The last work of Guy Ritchie falls a slight 29% and sum of 0.5 million euros, which puts it in the fourth position of the box office. Your total is 1.5 million, a good thing for a movie with a reduced budget of 20 million worldwide already has obtained 110,4. Your final could be between 2.5 and 3 million euros.

'The invisible man'

The top 5 closes ‘Sonic: The movie’. Despite the fact that the film only fell 6% last week, in this it has to cope with a sharp fall of 53% as a cause of the arrival of ‘Onward’ to the cinemas. The tape collects an amount of 0.41 million euros to lift its total up to excellent 5 million.

In sixth position, ‘Parasites’ sum 0.38 million in its twentieth week in cinemas with the who has already accumulated a large figure of 7.6 million. Follow ‘The call of the wild’, ‘Adú’ and ‘Till wedding do us part’, tapes that collect respectively 0,31; to 0.25, and 0.19 million euros, increasing its total to 2.2; 6.2 and 2.6 million.

Completing the top 10 is ‘Special’. The last work of the directors of ‘Untouchable’ has not been finished to connect with the public and only raises 0,14 million in its second week with an average very low of 730 euros in 196 theaters. Your accumulated stood at 0.5 million, a figure that does not aim to increase much more.

The other releases of the weekend

Was premiered in a reduced number of 65 cinemas, but ‘Invisible’ by Gracia Querejeta has entered the box office in spain with a remarkable average of 2.104 euros with a levy of 0.13 million euros. The same cannot be said of ‘The best is yet to come’. This French comedy distributed by Vertigo made his debut in 89 cinemas with a collection of 77.876 euros and an average rather disappointing 875.

Even more disappointing is the case of ‘The rhythm of revenge’, as this tape of action from Paramount it becomes a big failure in box office after cinema screens in 146 cinemas, to raise only 75.302 euros and get a catastrophic average of 516.

Finally, ‘The candidate perfect’ Golem made its debut in 31 cinemas with 34,466 euros and an average of 1.112 while the premieres of ‘The green wave (which is law)’ and ‘Harriet, in search of freedom’ ‘t get in the top 20 of the box office.